On the Road Again

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    As I sat packing for my first trip to Arizona for Spring Training, the one question that came to my mind was…

    “What do I HAVE to bring with me?”

    I was curious to see what others opinions were, so I tweeted this question…

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    Gina Miller  (former CBS 11 anchor) who broke the “Josh Hamilton Says Dallas isn’t a Baseball Town” story, suggested sunscreen. I could buy that when I got to Arizona, so that wasn’t high on my list.


    Gene Watson (Royals Director of Professional Scouting) decided ChapStick and sunglasses were his necessity. Another item I could buy upon my arrival.


    As I finished packing a bag for my four day adventure, curiosity was getting the best of me.

    How does a baseball player pack for 7 months?

    What all does he bring?

    How do these guys do this?


    Thats when I decided I wanted my question answered. So, I posed this question to some players…

    “What is the one personal item you must bring with you during spring training from home?”


    It was interesting to see the responses from the guys…


    Pete Rose Jr.(Former Cincinnati Red, now Manager in White Sox Organization)  “My own pillow and blanket”


    Elvis Andrus (Texas Rangers)  “Hydrating lotion because Arizona is dry”


    Ervin Santana (Free Agent) “My Gloves”


    Billy Butler (Kansas City Royals)  “Portfolio/Journal to write in with reminders on hitting”




    Derek Holland (Texas Rangers)

    “Wrigley! He goes with me every year!”





    David Carpenter (Atlanta Braves)  “Xbox to watch movies and play games to unwind after workouts”






    Ryan Pressly (Minnesota Twins)

    “My dad’s necklace and my granddads dog tags”






    Brandon Workman (Boston Redsox) Play Station


    Cameron Rupp (Philadelphia Phillies)  IPad “Cant go anywhere without it.”


    Jimmy Nelson (Milwaukee Brewers)  “Well everything ha. Since we go from spring training straight to where we start the season. We take everything that we need for the whole year. Clothes, equipment and all. ”


    Justin Grimm (Chicago Cubs) “I always have to bring the ole trusty rusty glove! And that’s the glove you had success with a lot the previous year”




    Mike Morin (Anaheim Angels) 

    “A picture of my mom and sister”








    Chris Martin (Colorado Rockies)  Apple TV


    Mark Sappington (Anaheim Angels)  Toaster


    Bobby Bundy (Baltimore Orioles)  “My Truck easier to have your own transportation”


    Mikey O’Brien (Cincinnati Reds)  “My insuline pump”


    Kyle Heckathorn (Milwaukee Brewers) – Netflix or Golf Clubs







     Aaron Brooks (Kansas City Royals) 

    “My dog’s collar she just passed away this offseason”






    David Rollins (Houston Astros)   PS3


    Jason Martinson (Washington Nationals)    Car to get around




    Trevor Seidenberger (Milwaukee Brewers)

    “My cross necklace”







    Jerome Peña (Baltimore Orioles)   “Confidence because I know how much hard work I put in for the last 5 months is about to pay off.”


    Jantzen Witte (Boston RedSox)   “My Kindle and Harmonica. I am learning how to play this season.”


    Nick Rickles (Oakland Athletics)   “My pillow has come with me ever year. Hotel pillows aren’t the best”


    As I reflected, it was interesting how many different answers came up; everything from a sentimental object to remind them of the ones they love the most, to a way to get around and pass the time. I was astonished to see that it was not all about baseball, but about feeling at home while on the road.


    The conclusion to my curiosity is that home is where your heart is and guys heading to spring training are trying to take a piece of it with them. The players we admire as fans are real, every day people, with a job we all dream of having!


    • Tina Poucher
      February 12, 2014 at 4:21 pm | Reply

      Great blog! I too enjoyed learning how the atheletes deal with being away from their homes and families. Thanks for the look into their hearts!

    • Heidi
      February 13, 2014 at 11:14 pm | Reply

      Nice job!

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