Thoughts of a Twenty-Something

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    Lately I have been reflecting on situations in my life and trying to figure out the lessons I’ve learned through the good, the bad, and the ugly.


    Here’s what I’ve come up with:

    • Failure is okay. I say this not to encourage people to be failures in life but to accept the fact that you will not always succeed. It’s how we learn. If no one ever failed then no one could ever succeed either… Accept it, learn from it, then drop it and go on. Morgan Wootten a highly decorated ex high school basketball head coach known for shaping the modern day high school basketball system used to tell his teams “You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.”


    • There is no such thing as worldly perfection. GOD is the only perfect being there ever was or ever will be- so constantly striving to be perfect is impossible. I am a perfectionist, I constantly tried to be perfect in everything I did, the way I looked, and my plan for my future. I about drove myself insane with this. I forgot that I can’t be perfect because nothing on Earth is perfect. The only thing that is perfect about me is that God made me in his image. I am constantly growing and changing to better myself and if I was perfect or if anyone were perfect there would be no room for that.


    • Love is complicated. Everyone says that love is easy they are wrong. Yes, love is meant to be easy but life isn’t easy. This complicates everything else. But I say this with a smile on my face because Love is hope, kindness, caring, and understanding. 1 Corinthians 4:3-8 explains what love is. When you think about the different aspects of life, as well as love- things become complex. Unconditional love though overcomes all complications in life; distance, selfishness, uncertainty, lust, our “baggage” because that’s what we do for the people we love. Making love complicated because life is. It matters most the loves that are worth fighting for because love is faith!


    • You WILL NOT be everyone’s cup of tea! So don’t try to become it. Not everyone will like you or the things you do. Accept it and move on. That is the way that the world works. It is not in everyone’s makeup to like everyone they meet.


    • Being uncomfortable makes you grow! Complacency is dangerous. Being in an uncomfortable situation might mean that you are feeling uncertain but it forces you to grow and reshape yourself, which is a predominantly good thing!


    • Everything is temporary unless you want it to be permanent. There are very few things that are permanent in life. Even life is temporary. We have to make the best of our temporary situations in order to get to the place we want to be permanent.


    • God will take you wherever you want; you just have to have faith in the journey he takes you on. This is the most important of them all, God will put in your heart what he wants you to do in your life. I knew mine was to “change the world” at a really young age. I always wanted to make peoples’ days better from the time I was 5 and have and will until the day I die. I remember writing on my MySpace profile that this was my goal in life and I meant it then, just like I mean it now. God has that plan for me but the journey he is taking me on isn’t the one I had planned in my mind. I have faith though that he will take me exactly where he plans me to be when he needs me there. This is his plan for me to reach the goal he has placed in my heart. He has done the same for you.


    There are so many more things I can think of but for now these are the ones I think are most important. I hope this can help someone on their journey today, tomorrow, or whenever you need some encouragement. Live Laugh and Love uncontrollably. It makes life more fun!

    • Teresa
      June 20, 2014 at 9:35 am | Reply

      Well said, very wise words ! Thanks for the message

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