What Gas Station Owners Should Know About Their Pumps

Investigators in Evangeline Parish are searching for a suspect accused of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of gasoline.

The owner of the Shell Station on Ponciana Street called authorities late last week when he could not turn on his gas pumps from inside the store, leading him to believe someone had tampered with them.

After studying surveillance video, investigators found the driver of a Ford F-150 truck pumping diesel fuel for almost 15 minutes into the truck and a tank in the back of his truck before driving away.

A technician who examined the pump found it had been turned off manually.

In order for the suspect to have manually turned off the pump and stolen the gas, investigators say he would have had to have a master key and default code to the specific brand of pump. Both of which, though, are only given to the installers and technicians who work on the pumps and the owners.

The station owner reset the codes on the gas pumps to prevent future thefts. Investigators are urging other gas station owners to do the same.

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What Gas Station Owners Should Know About Their Pumps