Interning… “Must List”

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    Today, I am starting my final internship before I graduate, at CBS Sports and TXA 21!  I started reflecting on my “first day” in the newsroom and all the questions I was asking myself.  I have composed a “MUST LIST” of items to carry at all times.
    Day 1

    Executive Producer: “We are going to learn editing. You need to write this down… Do you have your pen and paper?”

    Me: “No, I didn’t even think to bring one…”

    Executive Producer: “You can borrow mine today, but always have one on you! You never know when you need to write something down!”   After this little instance, I decided it was time to get a BIG purse and make a checklist of items to bring with me. (Each one has a story behind why it was packed)


    This is my gargantuan purse… TJ Maxx $42.99

    “The MUST LIST”
    1) Pen & Paper
    You never know when your technology is going to fail you.  For this very reason, I keep a notebook with me and pens. I can write my player/coaches questions before going into the locker room or press conferences, blogging ideas, a script for a stand-up, or even instructions I am given for the day.
    2) Phone Charger
    As I said earlier, you never know when technology will fail you or in my case when it will DIE! I am the queen of a dead phone or the red battery.  So keep a charger for your phone, ipad, nook, etc. being apart of the media you will find an outlet.
    3) Change of Shoes
    Heels are my choice of footwear! WEAR THEM they are professional…. but ALWAYS have a pair of flats in your big bag of goodies. Reason: you never know what task they will have doing. Lugging around heavy camera equipment in the rain while walking up a hill is not a pretty picture!  (might earn you the respect of the crew…but not fun especially in heels!)
    4) Makeup
    Nothing is worse than sitting in the news room, editing bay and they say….”we are sending you out”  hand you a press pass and parking pass. Better to always be prepared! Have your make up with you at all times for touch ups.
    5) Hair Band
    Lugging equipment, unexpected rain, or just the Texas heat it is nice to have options when your hair decides it does not want to  cooperate. Hair ties, head bands, or a hair clip is a necessity.
    6) ID, Badge, or Credential
    I am notorious for being locked out of the station or the news room because I have forgotten my ID…. it’s hard to explain how irresponsible and silly it makes you feel when you have to ask someone to let you in. Or when your credential gets lost and you have to prove that you work for that station when on site. So, keep your badge with you at ALL times….I keep mine in my wallet so I always have it on me. Find a place for it!!!
    7) Extra Outfit
    Last but probably the  “most important”, an extra outfit! I keep extra clothes in my car at all times.  One day, I thought I would be in the editing bay all day, so I went to work in casual (comfy) clothing. To my surprise I was sent out to a Dallas Cowboy game to shoot a story! I had to find the nearest store, buy a complete new outfit; shirt, shoes, jeans, even a bra…$70’s took a huge bite out of my college student budget! Now I carry no less than two outfits in my car with me AT ALL TIMES!
    photo I hope you find this list helpful when planning for your internship.

    Lesson #1 Better to be over prepared then under!

    Best of Luck! Dream Big Work Hard!

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