Baseball President on New Season of Survivor

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    Survivor is one of the longest running reality and contest shows on television. This competition is much like playing the game of baseball, one survivor in the end that wins 1 million dollars.

















    With that in mind Miami Marlins president, David Samson, had his eye on the prize for “Survivor: Cagayan Season 28”.

    “In baseball there’s only one winner in the end,” Samson said. “‘Survivor’ (is) the same, so I’ve been playing this game for a long time. Just not on the beach.”



    Samson arriving in his blazer and khakis by helicopter was appointed captain of his team. After what Jeff Probst said was the “worst performance out of the gate in the history of Survivor” the team lost miserably and did not gain immunity. His “brains” teammates felt him the biggest threat and voted him first off the island.





    One of the contestants was quoted saying “I never trust a man in a suit”, I guess business causal wasn’t the best idea for Samson, but at least he can go back to the Miami beaches.


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