Barry can still RAKE

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    Barry Bonds approaching the big 5 0 and six years into his retirement, has shed much of his bulk the source of his power and the controversy during his playing time. Don’t think Bonds can still go yard? Mr. All-time home run KING… YES he can still hits the long ball.


    After spending a whole seven days standing around Scottsdale Stadium, advising, and coaching Giants hitters Barry Bonds finally decided he had enough of the physical inactivity. Sunday, he grabbed a bat and got into the cage. Putting on a fireworks show for the on entire crowd in the back field.

    Barry Bond Attends San Francisco Giants Camp as a Spring Training Instructor

    “He looked better than he did before,” Giants BP pitcher John Yandle told the San Jose Mercury News. “He’s still got the swing down.”


    The Mercury News, said Bonds “hit rope after rope…. on his last few swings unloaded some massive blasts into the adjoining neighborhood”.


    Bonds told the paper, “Yeah, easy, no worries…. Maybe in about 5-6 more years I’ll start to slow down. But today ain’t the day.”  Bonds knows returning to the MLB right now isn’t an option because hitting and running bases are a different story, but he did tell the Mercury news he enjoys being a coach.

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