2014 January

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    One of my favorite things to watch on a Football Sunday, besides the actual game, is the player’s Celebration after a big play. The raw emotion that comes from the adrenaline rush is an action that cannot be duplicated. With that being said, the men of the NFL top the cake and win most entertaining celebrations. Like Justin Tucker breaking out in “Oh Kill’ em”, DeSean Jackson, Lance Moore, Aaron Rodgers doing the “discount double check”. So many great moments you cannot just pick one.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.42.22 PM

    BUT the best celebration of the SEASON happened Sunday during the Pro Bowl. After sacking Kansas City QB, Alex Smith, J.J. Watt decided in the spirt of Hawaii to go out on his surfboard to catch the wave he created… Then tweeting out “Hit ’em with the Surfboard”.


    Even though team Sanders lost, the 2 time pro bowler had a sack, two Quarterback hits, and two passes defended.


    Good job Mr. Watt you have my vote on most entertaining Celebration of 2013.

    Maybe we will see some more surfboarding in the seasons to come..



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