2013 November

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    A kid with a wish was all it took to bring San Francisco together. Miles a young cancer patient made a wish to the Make-A-Wish foundation that was granted in a larger than life forum. 7,000 plus people came together to let little Miles conquer the evils of San Francisco and be Bat Kid.



    Here is a link to The Wire’s story on BatKid’s day by  Eric Levenson which takes you through all of the events of BatKid






    Video of #SFBatKid’s day SFBatKid



    I absolutely fell in love with this touching story and had to share it. Reminds me of what my mother always told me growing up “to be blessed you must bless”. This beautiful story gave me chills reading it, along with seeing the massive support from people across the nation, from the president to the San Francisco Giants. It was great to see that moments like this can melt hearts and touch souls. These kind of stories need to happen more often.

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